How Indian jets were shot down by PAF – Operation Swift Retort & effective air power

Pakistan Air Force Dassault Mirage VPA - Photo by Abdul Mateen

PAF’s swift response was the demonstration of our firm resolve, capacity and capability in thwarting the nefarious designs of the adversary. The Indian aggression on February 27th 2019 would be remembered as “Operation Swift Retort” in history.

Pakistan Air Force JF-17 Thunder – Photo by Bakhtiar Ahmed

Fahad Masood, MRAeS, an ex-Pakistan Air Force fighter pilot, is an aviation expert with Frozen ATPL/CPL and Rated Flight Instructor. He has internationally recognized background in Safety, Human Factors and Risk Management. Besides recently achieving a High GPA MBA in Aviation Management, he has addressed evidence-based papers at seminars held at Singapore, Australia, UK & Iceland with multiple intriguing safety-related certifications to his credit. He has prospective skills as a Pilot, Aviator, Safety Manager, CRMI/CRMT. At present, he is permanent faculty of ‘Aviation Management’ at Air University, Islamabad, Pakistan since August 2020.