Terms of Service

Please Read Carefully:

1. In order to join the PAF Falcons Affiliates list you have to display one of the PAF Falcons logos on your front page. The logo must be presented in a place where most visitors would come across it and not tried to be hidden or camouflaged. So don’t place it at the very bottom of the page or below a bunch of webbings etc.

2. The description of the site and the site itself has to be in the English language. A link to a translation site is not good enough.

3. You can add the logo to as many pages as you like. The pages just have to be under the same domain and be about the aviation topic which is listed on the PAF Falcons list.

4. You are only allowed one entry on the PAF Falcons list pr domain.

5. The statistics system is safeguarded against cheating & will only show the actual amount of visitors.

6. Your site will first come up on the list when you have added the code & received hits on your site.

7. The rating is based on the average amount of hits within the last 5 days. If a page does not receive any hits within 5 days it is removed from the hit list but will automatically reappear when getting hits again.

8. All cheating attempts are logged and will finally result in the exclusion of the site.

9. If your site is also running a Top Site Ranking similar to PAF Falcons, we reserve the right to remove your site from the list.

10. The entered website must have aviation as its main subject and must contain unique content (So no link collections please). Reasons for exclusion could be but are not limited to the following: Poor quality, lack of aviation related content, distasteful content etc.

11. You cannot place the logo on pages that receive a high amount of hits by the same users (Forums etc.). Placing the logo in such a place will not increase your ranking since we are only counting unique users.

12. The entered email address will not be used for anything else than update info on the hit list.