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Regional Air Commands

Squadrons are the most basic flying unit of the Pakistan Air Force. Combat aircraft squadrons contain around 20 aircraft. Squadron titles incorporate a squadron number and each squadron also has a nickname associated with it. PAF squadrons are organised into wings which contain multiple squadrons.

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Name Squadron Badge Operational Aircraft Squadron History
No.1 Squadron Falcons 1947 ,1947 1950s ,1950s 1967 Tempest ,Hawker Fury Mirage , Mirage
No.2 Squadron Globe Trotters 1947 1947—1950 1950—1963 1963— C-47 C-47, Freighter C-130
No.3 Squadron Minhas 1956 1956—1972 1972—1979 1979—1982 1982—1986 1986—1990 1990—1993 1993— T-33 T-33, RT-33 F-7P
No.4 Squadron Rahbars 1977 to 1987 FT-5