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F-16 Vs SU-25

F-16 vs SU-25 4 AUGUST 1988

F-16 Vs SU-25
One of the most lethal weapons used by the Soviet Union in Afghanistan was their latest fighter bomber, the SU-25. During one of its night engagements with the Pakistani F-16 inside Pakistan, the SU-25 was shot down and its Russian pilot who ejected was taken POW. The Pilot of the SU-25, Colonel Rudskoi Alexander Vladimirovich, was also the Inspector of SU-25s deployed in Afghanistan. He was eventually handed over to the Russian authorities on 16 August 1988. This officer rose to the position of Vice President of Russia in 1991. Squadron Leader Athar Bukhari of No 14 Squadron was the pilot of the F-16 while this night interception was conducted on radar by Squadron Leader Taufiq Raja. (Aviation Art by Group Captain Syed Masood Akhtar Hussaini)

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