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Driven by strong diligence, ingenuity and faith in the project of a joint Pakistan-China fighter, the JF-17 Thunder finally becomes a reality. Thunder delights everyone with its performance because it exceeds the expectations of the pilots, engineers and support personnel of the two countries who had toiled hard for years to bring the project to fruition. Originally nicknamed the "Sabre 2" by the PAF Air Staff in 1987, the new fighter was conceived as a multirole platform made with minimally modified existing airframe, engine and avionics that had already been proven in the field. A history-making joint team of Pakistni, Chinese and American specialists worked under one roof for seven months to see if such a fighter could be manufactured to meet the performance standards within the time-and-cost ceilings laid down by the PAF. The emerging Sabre 2 cost and performance projections were so disappointing that Pakistan and China jointly decided to develop, in its place, a new design called the "Super 7" on a cost-sharing basis and now aiming at an even better operational envelope. Many hurdles had then to be crossed, including technology rights, licensed acuisitions of engine, avionics and ancillary systems as well as some un-businesslike embargos. This experience was invaluable for the Pak-China joint team in strengthening its resolve. As more confidence was gained after the first Flight of the Super 7 in August 2003, the project evolved more rapidly. That year, the Super 7 was also given a new designation - the "JF-17" multi-role fighter and later also the name "Thunder".
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