Rafale Vs JF-17 Block 3 | J-10C The Game Changer | PL-15 Vs Meteor

J-10C The Game Changer | PL-15 Vs Meteor

J-10C boasts a highly agile, aerodynamically unstable airframe which is stabilized by a computer in its fly-by-wire flight control system.

J-10C is the most potent with a modern AESA radar and the ability to carry the PL-15 long range air-to-air missile, a formidable weapon in the same class as Europe’s much lauded Meteor.

JF-17 Block III equipped with an AESA radar, carries PAF’s ambition to counter the threat from IAF’s Rafale fighters.

The AESA radars are the current gold standard in air warfare, boasting higher resolution, and greater discretion and resistance to jamming.