PAF, Navy test-fire successful long range anti-ship cruise missile

PAF Navy test fire successful long range anti ship cruise missile
PAF Navy test fire successful long range anti ship cruise missile

The Pakistan Navy and the Pakistan Air Force jointly conducted long range anti-ship cruise missile firings in North Arabian Sea on Monday.

Chief of Naval Staff Admiral Zafar Mahmood Abbasi along with Chief of Air Staff Air Chief Marshal Sohail Aman witnessed the ‘Live Weapon Firing’ onboard Pakistan Navy Ship (PNS) NASR. The firing was conducted by JF-17 fighter aircraft and Pakistan Navy Ship SAIF – a multi-mission F-22P frigate.

The air force chief was received by naval chief onboard the PNS NASR, a combat logistic support ship. Joint PN-PAF firings were conducted on the final day of the exercise RIBAT-18, which was focused on validating war fighting concepts under the evolving multi-faceted threats.

The hallmark of exercise was successful firings of C-802 AK (Air to Surface Missile) by PAF JF-17 thunder aircraft and C-802 (Surface to Surface Missile) by PNS SAIF. Missiles launched from both platforms successfully hit their intended targets which not only re-asserts the efficacy of weapon systems but also manifests the extended range of Joint PN-PAF Sea-Air operations and desired synergy between the two Services.

On this landmark occasion, the naval chief expressed his utmost satisfaction on operational readiness of the PN Fleet and commended officers and men for their professionalism and devotion in the line of duty. The admiral added that the Pakistan Navy is transforming into a strong and formidable force, fully capable to protect and advance the national maritime interests and collaborate international responsibilities across the Indian Ocean.