PAF C-130 aircraft airlifted relief goods to Iran


ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan Air Force (PAF) C-130 aircraft airlifted relief goods to Iran on Sunday.

The aircraft carried more than 12 tons of relief goods dispatched by the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) of Pakistan for the humanitarian relief assistance of Iran’s earthquake victims.

The relief goods include 165 tents, 1050 blankets, 200 tarpaulins, 200 plastic mats, perishable items, and other supplies. The PAF C-130 aircraft landed back today (Sunday) at the PAF Nur Khan airbase after delivering the goods.

Iran has only accepted aid from Pakistan after it was hit by the deadliest earthquake in more than a decade earlier on November 13.

Iran’s English-language Press TV had said that more than 450 people were killed and 7,000 were injured when the magnitude 7.3 earthquake jolted the country on Sunday.

The quake was felt in several provinces of Iran but the hardest hit province was Kermanshah. More than 300 of the victims were in Sarpol-e Zahab county in that province, about 15 km (10 miles) from the Iraq border.

Iranian state television had said the quake had caused heavy damage in some villages where houses were made of earthen bricks. The quake also triggered landslides that hindered rescue efforts, officials told state television.

Relief workers had said that while much aid had been pledged, there was an immediate need for blankets, children’s clothes, medicine and large cans to store drinking water. TV aired footage of some people weeping next to corpses shrouded in blankets.