New PAF No. 28 Multi-role Squadron raised at PAF Base Samungli

New PAF No. 28 Multi role Squadron raised at PAF Base Samungli
New PAF No. 28 Multi role Squadron raised at PAF Base Samungli

QUETTA: Pakistan Air Force has raised a new multirole squadron, equipped with Pakistan’s Pride JF-17 Thunder at PAF Base Samungli today. JF-17 has been the pride of Pakistan and the PAF is the only Airforce of the world to make an indigenous fighter jet. This is an other milestone in the history of the PAF as indigenous built JF-17 has been deployed at the western front of Pakistan. JF-17 is a multirole fighter jet which is capable of performing all kinds of role expected out a modern fighter jet.

The squadron has been number plated as No 28 Multirole Squadron with the motto ”Khudi Ko Jis Ne Falak Se Buland Tar Dekha”. A grand ceremony was held at the base to mark this historic event. Air Chief Marshal Sohail Aman, Chief of the Air Staff, Pakistan Air Force was the Chief Guest at the occasion.

After the war on terrorism and the recent tensions with the US, the need had arised to properly safeguard the western borders of Pakistan from the threats arising out of there. JF-17 fighter jet is equipped with the state of the art radar and avionics and was lately armed with the beyond visual range missiles shooting down the enemy aircrafts and drones from a long distance.

The Air Chief reviewed a smartly turned out guard of honour by the personnel of the Base. He awarded the squadron emblem to Wing Commander Amir Imran Cheema, Officer Commanding No 28 Multirole Squadron. To make this event memorable, a four ship formation of JF-17 Thunders presented a fly past over the venue.

Addressing at the occasion, the Air Chief said, “We totally understand the kind of conspiracies the enemies of Pakistan continue to hatch but our resolve is very firm and response very clear. We are peace loving nation but we do not want anybody to interfere into our airspace and territory.”

He went on to say “We have done whatever is humanly possible on fighting the menace of terrorism and Allah has rewarded our efforts by restoring peace in the country. Reversal is not an option for us”.

The Air Chief further said, “From now on, No 28 MR Squadron, equipped with Pakistan’s Pride JF-17, has the responsibility of providing day and night aerial defence of the country especially along the western borders of Pakistan.

“I am confident that No 28 Sqn would create the desired strategic balance in a most befitting manner. We want to maintain peace with honour in the region, especially during these uncertain and challenging times. I want to assure the nation that despite all odds, our resolve shall remain unshakable and we shall defend our motherland against any aerial aggression.”

He further added, “Baluchistan is a great province and has significant value for all of us. Its people are friendly, loyal to the country and have always given their best for the development of this country. The development of CPEC is a milestone and will turn not only the history and face of Baluchistan but the entire country. I am very glad that No 28 Squadron takes its birth today in Baluchistan.”

The CPEC Project and the rising importance of Balochistan in wake of the recent developments have forced PAF to take this strategic step of safe guarding the Balochistan and the western theatre from the conspiracies of the enemies.