Pakistan Air Force demonstrates Fire Power Demonstration at Sonmiani Range


PAF pilots displayed their professional acumen by destroying the given targets with pinpoint accuracy. All fighter platforms held on the inventory of PAF, were seen steaming in and hitting the designated targets. This demonstration was a testimony of the hard hitting punch of the PAF, and a loud and clear message to the enemies of our country, that PAF is a force to reckon with.

After the blazing display of lethal firepower by the PAF fighter aircraft, the indigenously produced JF-17 Thunder displayed some breathtaking aerobatic maneuvers. After its exit from the scene, PAF aerobatics team “Sherdils” appeared on the horizon and mesmerized the audience with their stunning aerial display. Another important activity of the event was a fiery performance by the Special Services Wing commandos, where they successfully neutralized the terrorists in a mock exercise.