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No. 7 Squadron History: 1947-1982

The No. 7 Light Bomber Squadron was formed at Mauripur on 1st March, 1960, and continues to be an important element of the offensive arm of Pakistan Air Force. It acquitted itself with distinction in the 1965 and 1971 wars, successfully attacking ground targets in the enemy territory, and carrying the battle to his home ground. The large number of counter air and interdiction missions flown by the squadron during these wars does its personnel great credit. At the time of the outbreak of the 1965 war the squadron was located at Mauripur (Masroor) but during the war, it operated from four places - Mauripur, Sargodha, Peshawar and Risalpur - and undertook a total of 179 sorties. The enemy air bases attacked included Ambala, Pathankot, Jammu, Adampur, Halwara, Sirsa, Jodhpur and Jamnagar. The squadron also helped our Army in Chhamb, Sialkot and Khem Kharan sectors. It lost two aircraft in the war. The under mentioned officers were decorated for their gallantry.

Squadron Leader K. N. Ahmed GD(P) Pak/3610 (Sitara-i-Jurat)

Flight Lieutenant K. S. Mahmood GD(P) Pak/3747 (Sitara-i-Jurat)

Flight Lieutenant S. A. Shams GD(P) Pak/3969 (Sitara-i-Jurat)

Flight Lieutenant I. A. K. Ghori GD(N) Pak/3790 (Sitara-i-Jurat)

Flight Lieutenant W. D. Harney GD(N) Pak/4007 (Sitara-i-Jurat)

Flying Officer Z. D. Hassan GD(N) Pak/4250 (Imtiazi Sanad)

Flight Lieutenant M. K. Bashar GD(P) Pak/3733 (Imtiazi Sanad)

Flight Lieutenant M. H. Shah GD(P) Pak/4063 (Imtiazi Sanad)

Flight Lieutenant J. Akbar GD(P) Pak/4118 (Imtiazi Sanad)

Flight Lieutenant M. Iftikhar GD(N) Pak/4036 (Imtiazi Sanad)

Flight Lieutenant P. Christy GD(N) Pak/4146 (Imtiazi Sanad)

During the 1971 war, the squadron was split into two detachments, with the Northern detachment under Wg. Cdr. Mohammad Yunus and the southern under Wg. Cdr. Mahmood Akhtar. On 8th November, 1971 a detachment of eight B-57 aircraft moved to PAF Base Mianwali. The southern detachment in the month of November 1971 flew six sorties in support of the Pakistan Navy. The missions were armed reccee in search of hostile naval vessels within 180N.M South-West of Karachi harbour.

At the outbreak of the war on 3rd December, 1971, the squadron undertook bombing the IAF bases at Srinagar, Pathankot, Adampur, Ambala, Amritsar, Agra, Sirsa, Bikaneer, Jodhpur, Uterlai and Jesalmir and Bhuj from dusk to dawn. Attacks on various IAF bases continued till 17th December, 1971, and the Indian Naval bases for missile boats at 'Okha' was set ablaze on the night of 5th December, 1971; the fire continuing for full six days. The northern detachment carried out interdiction missions in support of Pakistan Army by bombing railway junctions at Bhatinda, Mukheria and the railway line between Bhatinda and Ferozpur. In the south, full support was given to the Army in Rajhastan sector during day and night, and Indian Army convoys and concentrations were attacked in Kishangarh, Tanoot, Monabao and Chor areas, destroying five tanks and damaging another five; 12 vehicles were also destroyed close to Naya Chor. A total of 142 missions extending over 246:35 hours were flown by the entire squadron; detachment in the north flew 83 missions and 136:00 hours, and the detachment in the south flew 59 missions and 110:35 hours. Sqn. Ldr. Ishfaq H. Qureshi, Sqn. Ldr. A. Basit, Sqn. Ldr. G. A. Khan and Flt. Lt. Zulfiqar Ahmed were awarded Sitara-i-Jurat. The squadron was also presented Squadron Colour on 7th June, 1976 by the Chief of the Air Staff, Air Chief Marshal Zulfiqar Ali Khan.

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