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Exercise Jetstream 1981
Jetstream 1981, a country-wide operational exercise of the Pakistan Air Force got under way on May 8, 1981.

The Exercise, in which PAF's different combat elements took part, was in continuation of the efforts to further improve the operational effectiveness of the Air Force.

On the first day of the Exercise, the Chief of the Air Staff, Air Chief Marshal Muhammad Anwar Shamim visited different sectors to see the operations of the day and to meet commanders and other personnel taking part in the Exercise. He held informal discussions with them about the tactical situation, saw the deployment of air defence and other operational elements and apprised himself of the serviceability of aircraft and other types of equipment.

Air Chief Marshal Shamim urged the PAF personnel to continue striving to attain the highest operational preparedness to "fulfil our sacred duty of safeguarding our geographical and ideological frontiers."

He made it clear that Pakistan had no aggressive designs against any country and wanted to live in peace with its neighbours. At the same time he asked the PAF personnel to remember that weakness invited aggression while strenght acted as a deterrent, It was to continue the efforts for the improvement of the operational efficiency of the Air Force that the exercise had been launched.

Air Chief Marshal Shamim praised the PAF personnel for their devotion to duty and commitment to the national cause. "While we launch into Exercise Jetstream 1981, I am confident that all of you will perform with equal zeal and devotion. I must nevertheless caution all to exercise strictest vigilance to ensure safe operations", he said.

The Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee, the Chief of the Naval Staff and Vice Chief of the Army Staff, visited two of the exercise areas on the fifth day of Exercise Jetstream 1981 on May 12, 1981. The Secretary General Defence and senior civil and military officers also witnessed the Exercise.

Jetstream 1981, the 12 day, country-wide operational exercise of the Pakistan Air Force concluded on May 19, 1981.

All combat elements of the Air Force took part in the tactical and air defence operations carried out during the Exercise which airmed at testing new tactics and concepts and evaluating the PAF's overall effectiveness for the tasks assigned to it.

At the conclusion of the Exercise, the Chief of the Air Staff, Air Chief Marshal Muhammad Anwar Shamim issued his Order of the Day in which he congratulated all commanders, officers, JCO's and men on their outstanding performance in the exercise. He said it was gratifying that they performed their tasks with zeal, vigour and professional skill.

Air Chief Marshal Shamim, however, asked the PAF personnel "not to forget for a moment that difficult time and tougher challenges lie ahead". He told the airmen that "only through preparedness, constant vigilance and dedicated professionalism shall we be able to prove equal to the task". He, therefore, asked the PAF personnel to renew their pledge to the nation that no effort would be spared in maintaining the PAF as a competent, dauntless and hard-hitting force, second to none, and ever prepared to meet all challenges. "The nation expects this of us and we are honour-bound to fulfil its trust", he reminded them.
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