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Exercise Jetstream 1979
Exercise Jetstream 1979 was of immense operational and historic significance. The dates, September 7 to September 23 were especially chosen to coincide with the September war of 1965. In his Order of the Day issued earlier in the morning, Air Chief Marshal Muhammad Anwar Shamim told the PAF personnel that the Air Force Day had a special significance as the launching of Jetstream 1979 was intended to be a tribute to the elder generation of airmen who had taken part in a heroic struggle for the defence of Pakistan, fourteen years ago.

At the conclusion of Exercise Jetstream 1979 on September 23, Air Chief Marshal Muhammad Anwar Shamim, Chief of the Air Staff asked all airmen to renew their pledge to the nation that the PAF would respond as magnificently to any call of duty as it had done in the past and that they would spare no effort to make the PAF second to none in professional competence and dedication, ever ready to repel aggression from any quarter. In this Order of the Day marking the conclusion of the country-wide 17 day exercise, the Air Chief said, "No cause is more noble and no honour greater than the opportunity to defend the country. The people of Pakistan have made tremendous sacrifices to give us the weapons that make the PAF such a potent force. They have, therefore, every right to expect that the PAF will do its duty when the nation calls."
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