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PAF marks 2010 as safest year in skies
January 14, 2011 | Dailymailnews
ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Air Force (PAF) has declared year 2010 as a safest year. According to the insider sources it was a good year as they had not to bear any mentionable losses. Rather it was a very good year as the PAF enhanced their defensive capabilities and working capacity.

For the first time in history, PAF successfully took part in the war against terror in Swat and FATA region and remained successful by achieving the targets without any loss. PAF also targeted successfully the bunkers and hideouts and eradicated them to help the Pakistan Army for any easy conquest.

According to the sources, Pakistan already faces a threat from the Saffron dressers and for the first time Pakistan Army has tested its available weapon and in the war games named Saffron Bandit 2010. This success has surprised the many nations in the world.

It was a secret that in the past PAF was competent in emergency landing and take off in all types of geographic conditions. But now they have proved their competency in the landing and take off even on the Motorway.

Besides all these, Pakistan Air Force has not only participated in the most remarkable war exercises High Mark 2010 but also proved their worth to be the best.

PAF made possible to be one of the most modern fighter aircraft equipped with the latest technology, F-16 C/D 52 Block B and empowered the force one step above the level. PAF also embraced AWACS air spy aircrafts named SAAB to enhance the capability of targeting from air-to-air, air-to-surface and air-to-sea and to thwart the crook moves of the enemies.

The authorities of the Pakistan Air Force has declared the making and successful testing of fighter aircraft JF-17 Thunder as a historic achievement. According to PAF spokesman that it is the only air force of the world, having the capability of making state of the art fighter aircraft along with the fighter pilots of best quality. Along this the world is taking a special interest in JF-17 Thunder for it’s good performance low cost maintenance and being a non-expensive aircraft cost-wise while having best qualities of a best fighter aircraft and warhead carrier and so many countries of the world showing interest in it’s purchase. JF-17 aircraft attracted the officials and made them appreciate the performance in Farnborough Air Show 2010 held in Britain and in 8th International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition China. It worth mentioning that JF 17 Thunder proved itself star of the Show.

Pakistan Air Force not only proved its worth in the war fields but also displayed good performance during the calamities and helped the flood victims to win hearts of the masses and made history. The PAF also worked in the rehabilitation services to surpass the performances of the other organizations.
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