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PAF s' News Section

News and Articles 2002

  • Pakistan Receives New F-7 Fighters (Jan 2)
  • Indian Plane Violates Airspace (Jan 24)
  • Indian Spy Plane Crashes near Border (Jan 25)
  • Pakistani Air Force Jet Crashes into Arabian Sea (Jan 25)
  • Pakistani fighter jet crashes, Pilot safe (Feb 6)
  • Purchase of Radar System from U.S, France (Apr 26)
  • ACM Mushaf to visit US & France to Discuss F-16 & Mirage 2000 (Apr 26)
  • Pakistan has Expertise for Producing Identification Friend or Foe System - CAS (Apr 26)
  • PAF Chief Arrives in Washington, talks on the Purchase of F-16s (May 12)
  • My Passion for PAF (May 25)
  • PAF will Play key role in Defence: Musharraf (May 29)
  • British Firm Trains Fighter Pilots for Pakistan (Jun 2002)
  • Egyptian and Pakistani Milirtary Cooperation (Jun 2002)
  • Pakistani Jet Fighters Shot Down an Unmanned Indian Spy Plane (Jun 8)
  • Pakistani F-16 Jets going to U.S Navy, USAF (Jun 13)
  • Pakistan Air Force Sets Up Forward Airbase To Counter IAF (Jul 4)
  • Chief of Air Staff Satisfied over Operational Preparedness of Pakistan Air Force (Jul 4)
  • U.S Clears Sale of six C-130 Cargo Planes to Pakistan (Jul 16)
  • Pakistan Jet Fighter Crashes (Jul 19)
  • Pakistan to Get Six C-130Es From America (Jul 20)
  • Fellow of Air War College Certificates (Jul 27)
  • Super Mushshaks Export to Oman (Jul 31)
  • Pakistan Exports Fighter-Trainer Planes (Aug 2)
  • Pakistan, France Sign Agreement on funding for Military Personnel Training (Aug 28)
  • Defense Day Parade on September 6 Cancelled (Aug 30)
  • Military Ties with China to be Strengthened (Sep 7)
  • Pakistan Air Force Establishes Nuclear-Armed Strategic Command - Air Chief (Sep 8)
  • Pakistan To Buy C-130s, Get Reimbursed for F-16s (Sep 18)
  • Pakistan Aeronautical Complex Signs $517 Million Export Contracts (Sep 20)
  • Pakistan Presses for U.S Arms (Sep 26)
  • Air Chief Marshal Embarks on Jordan, Italy Tours (Sep 26)
  • AMF offers Super-Mushshak Sale to Private Individuals (Oct 13)
  • UK Royal Air Force Chief Arrives (Oct 14)
  • Mushshak Aircraft sold to Iran, Oman (Oct 15)
  • Pakistan all set to Export Super Mushshak Aircraft to Saudi Arabia (Oct 16)
  • K-8 Fuselage handed over to China (Nov 5)
  • Air Marshal Salim Arshad appointed Chief of CAA (Nov 9)
  • Pakistan Air Force Plane Crashes in a Remote Village, Pilot Dead (Nov 15)
  • PAF Fighters Practice on M-II (Nov 22)
  • Pakistan Tests Sea-Skimming UAV (Dec 1)
  • Two PAF Jets Collide, Pilots Eject (Dec 10)
  • PAF pulls back its War assets from FoBs, FC-1 Flight on Schedule (Dec 22)
  • Pakistan keen to have Joint Ventures in Defence Production (Dec 29)
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