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PAF s' News Section

News and Articles 1999

  • Pakistan and China Commanders to discuss Defence Cooperation (Feb 18)
  • Pakistan may Purchase more Arms from China (Feb 19)
  • Pakistan to Buy 50 F-7MG Fighters from China (Feb 20)
  • PAC Introduces Superior Model of Mushshak Aircraft (Mar 2)
  • PAF Air Chief against Scaling Down Conventional Capability (Mar 26)
  • Stray Bullet hits Parked PAF C-130 at Chaklala Air Base (Apr 2)
  • French Mirage III Aircraft Delivery to Pakistan Delayed (Apr 4)
  • Downed IAF Pilot, Flt. Lt. Nachiketa, Released by Pakistan (Jun 4)
  • Pakistan, China to sign accord on S-7 fighter aircraft development (Jun 23)
  • Pakistan to get Agosta-90B SSK Submarine and 8 Mirage V Jet-Fighters within Fortnight (Jun 27)
  • 2 Indian Jets Violate Pakistan Airspace (Jun 29)
  • France to Honour Subs, Fighters Deal with Pakistan (Jun 29)
  • Pakistan to Receive 8 Mirage V Jets next Month (Jun 29)
  • Pakistan and China Sign Agreement to Develop S-7 Fighter Jet (Jun 29)
  • PAF F-16s Deployed in Skardu (Jul 3)
  • Downed plane crashed in Pakistan (Aug 10, 1999)
  • Pakistan fires missile at Intruding Indian MiG fighters (Aug 11)
  • Indian aircraft violated Pak Airspace 227 times in 1999 (Aug 15)
  • PAF will blunt Enemy Offensive: Mehdi Qureshi (Aug 31)
  • Pakistan celebrates Defence Day (Sep 6)
  • Ex-PAF fighter Pilot and 1965 War Veteran, Azim Daudpota, appointed Governor of Sindh (Oct 21)
  • Egypt all Set to select Pak-China K-8 Intermediate Jet Trainer (Nov 3)
  • France to Deliver Agosta 90B Submarine and 8 Mirage Fighters to Pakistan (Nov 4)
  • France formally Releases Pakistan Agosta 90B Submarine & 8 Mirage Jets (Nov 8)
  • Agosta 90B Submarine, 8 Mirage Jet Fighters, leave for Pakistan (Nov 9)
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