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F-16C/D Block 52+ Pictures

Peace Drive I order is for 12 F-16Cs and 6 F-16Ds. The proposed weapons package included an order for Raytheon AIM-120C5 air to air missiles, Raytheon AIM-9M-8/9 Sidewinders, Boeing joint direct attack munitions, GBU-12/24 laser-guided bombs and BLU-109 penetrator bombs.
No. 17 'Tigers' AS Squadron

The Golden Jubilee celebrations of No. 17 'Tigers' AS Squadron, undoubtedly, mark the attainment of an important milestone in the history of a fighter squadron. In these 50 years; each one adding a new chapter of courage and honour to glorify the rich history of the Squadron.
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PAF JF-17 Thunder Pictures
JF-17 Thunder is a light-weight, single-engine, multi-role combat aircraft developed jointly by the Chengdu Aircraft Industries Corporation (CAC), PAF and the Pakistan Aeronautical Complex (PAC). Its designation "JF-17 Thunder" by Pakistan is short for "Joint Fighter-17".
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JF-17 Thunder project a flagship of Pak-China friendship
JF-17 Thunder project can truly become as a flagship of our historic cooperation and strengthen our time-tested partnership. The support provided by our Chinese friends in this, and in so many other common projects between Pakistan and China is greatly cherished by every Pakistani.
China officially offers J-10 fighters to Pakistan
China is offering Pakistan a squadron of J-10B, the advanced multi-role, all-weather fighter aircraft. Pakistan and China have been negotiating the potential sale of Chengdu J-10 fighters for several years, with Pakistan seeking to acquire at least two squadrons of the aircraft.
PAF completes production of 26 JF-17 Thunder aircraft
Pakistan Air Force has completed production of 26 JF-17 Thunder aircraft at Pakistan Aeronautical complex, Karma so far during a period of two years. Pakistan had kicked off its serial production of the multiple jet fighter in collaboration with the People’s Republic of China.
Challenging Times for UAV Operations over Pakistan
PAF maintains mixed assets of air defense from European and Chinese origin. Among these are Chinese HQ-9 and HQ-2 (Chinese versions, roughly equivalents to S-300 and SA-2 ), Medium and short range missiles include the Crotale and Spada 2000.
1965 War hero Air Marshal Nur Khan passed away
Air Marshal (retd) Malik Nur Khan, the hero of the 1965 Pak-India war died at Combined Military Hospital (CMH), Rawalpindi after protracted illness. Nur Khan was also part of the Pakistani contingent that clashed with the Israeli Air Force during the Six Day War (Arab Israel war 1967).
JF-17 Thunder and Rafale to compete in Serbia
French-made Rafale aircraft are likely to fight with the plane made in China, JF-17, to fight over contract Serbian Air Force fleet rejuvenation. State ex-Yugloslavia it has budgeted about 1 billion euros ($ 11.8 billion) to buy about 12 new aircraft.
Re-equipment ceremony held at No. 1 Fighter Conversion Unit
The Re-equipment ceremony held at No 1 Fighter Conversion Unit, PAF Base Mianwali marked the end of long and illustrious services rendered by veteran Chinese FT-5 fighter trainer aircraft. No 1 FCU, is now being re-equipped with modern state-of-the-art K-8P fighter trainer aircraft.
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