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History: May

May 1, 1953: Pre-apprentices School, Lower Topa (Murree Hills), commences training.

May 4, 1955: Lockheed T-33A trainer aircraft inducted.

May 5, 1976: Combat Commanders' School (CCS) established at Sargodha.
May 5, 1999: A PAF fighter trainer crashed Wednesday in Punjab province and the two crew members ejected safely. The plane, which was on a routine training mission, crashed near Mianwali Air Base, about 200 kilometers South-West of Islamabad, according to a press release by the directorate of public relations of Pakistan Air Force.

May 7, 1951:Air Vice Marshal L.W. Cannon assumes command of the RPAF.

May 8, 1948: First supply drop by Dakota aircraft in Gilgit Valley.
May 8, 1955: Prime Minister Al-Azhari of Sudan visits RPAF Mauripur.
May 8, 1996: A pilot was killed as a jet trainer aircraft of PAF crashed on a routine training mission. According to a press release from Pakistan Army's ISPR, the other pilot managed to eject safely when the aircraft crashed near Isa Khel, about 190 kilometers South-West of Islamabad.

May 11, 1966: College of Aeronautical Engineering (CAE) shifted to PAF College, Risalpur.

May 14, 1978: Mirage Rebuild Factory (MRF) inaugurated at Kamra.

May 17, 1982: Central Air Command (CAC) established at Sargodha.
May 17, 1986: F-16 DESTROYS AN INTRUDER - Squadron Leader A Hameed Qadri of No 9 Multi Role Squadron of F-16s having a close look to the SU-22 which has just turned into a ball of fire after being hit by his AIM-9L missile while his No. 2 Squadron Leader Yousaf Chaudhry is trying to get behind the other SU-22. The encounter took place at 16,000 feet over Parachinar, during the Afghan war, 1979-1988.

May 20, 1944: Dive Bombing a Bridge - Flying Officer M Noor Khan of No.7 Squadron, IAF carries out a high angle dive bombing attack in his Vultee Vengeance in the Burma theatre of war against the Japanese. In the rear seat is Sergeant Harrington, his gunner. Twenty-one years later Air Marshal M Noor Khan, who opted to transfer to Pakistan in 1947, was to lead the Pakistan Air Force in his country's war with India.
May 20, 1946: M Asghar Khan Flies Jet Fighter - During World War II, Squadron Leader M Asghar Khan - later the first Pakistani C-in-C of the PAF - commanded No 9 Squadron at the Burma front. While on the Fighter Leaders' Course in England before Independence, he became the first pilot from the subcontinent to fly a jet fighter, the Gloster Meteor Mark III, the only jet employed by the Allies during the last stages of the War.
May 20, 1969: PAF Station Talhar commissioned.

May 24, 1968: Mauripur renamed PAF Station Masroor in memory of Air Commodore Masroor Hosain.

May 28, 1995: F-6 Crashed while taking-off from Samungli Air Base.
May 28, 2010: Pakistan successfully launched the production project of avionics for JF-17 Thunder fighter jet at Pakistan Aeronautical Complex (PAC) Kamra. Secretary of Defence Production, Members of JF-17 Board of Directors, Principal Staff Officers of Pakistan Air Force and representatives from the Chinese aviation industries attended the ceremony.

May 30, 2001: The fighter crashed during a routine flight near Mianwali. The pilot ejected safely.

May 31, 2005: The veteran of 1971 war, Air Marshal Zahid Anis (Retd) HI (M), S Bt Expired.

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