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History: April

April 1, 1959: Directorate of Civil Aviation placed under Air Headquarters.
April 1, 1965: First PAF Model School starts functioning at Mauripur.
April 1, 1966: PAF Public schools raised to Intermediate level.

April 2, 1984: PAF Base Pasni commissioned.

April 5, 2000: The pilot bailed out safely when his plane crashed 16km from Pindi Gheb.

April 7, 2000: A fighter jet crashed in town of Lachi, near Kohat in NWFP killing its pilot Flight Lieutenant Zia-ul-Hasan, who received fatal injuries.

April 8, 2004: PAF reports with great sorrow and grief that an F-7, while on a routine operational training mission, crashed 20 Miles west of Jhang (Punjab Province). The crash apparently occurred due to technical malfunction. The Pilot of the aircraft Flight Lieutenant Imran Tariq was fatally injured and later on embraced Shahadat at PAF Hospital, Mianwali. No loss of civilian life and property occurred on ground.

April 9, 1966: Academic qualification for flight cadets raised to Intermediate level.
April 9, 2004: AVM Abdul Masood Khan SJ, HI(M) the veteran of 1965 war, Air Vice Marshal Abdul Masood Khan Sitara-i-Jurat, Hilal-i-Imtiaz (Military) was laid to rest with profound military honors Grave Yard.

April 10, 1959: The First Blood, Rawalpindi: The first PAF jet fighter to shoot down an enemy aircraft was F-86F Sabre No. 55-005 of No. 15 Squadron, the unit also known as the "Cobras". Flying this aircraft, Flight Lieutenant M Younis downed an Indian Air Force Canberra while it was on a photo reconnaissance mission high over the Rawalpindi on an Eid day. Pilot officer Rab Nawaz was the Air Defence Controller on radar for this mission.
April 10, 1992: First Pakistani aircraft: F-16A (#90-943) and F-16B (#90-948) arrive at AMARC under designations AAFG0001 & AAFG0002. They are the first of 28 Peace Gate III & IV aircraft to be embargoed.

April 11, 2011: JF-17 Thunder re-equipped in No. 26 Squadron 'Black Spiders' replaced A-5C. PAF No. 26 Squadron, one of the prime squadrons of the PAF, previously equipped with A-5 III aircraft has now been re-equipped with indigenously produced JF-17 Thunder aircraft.

April 12, 2003: PAF aircraft used for basic training, PAC Mushshak, crashed near Risalpur during a routine training sortie killing pilot instructor and injuring his student. The aircraft had taken off from PAF’s academy of flying training.
April 12, 2003: PAF Aircraft A-5 Fantan crashed near Pindigheb in central Punjab province, the pilot managed to eject safely.

April 14, 1948: During Kashmir Operations, Flight Lieutenant Khyber Khan landed on an unprepared surface at Gilgit to deliver first heavy mortar to liberation force.

April 15, 1951: No.9 Squadron forms the first Aerobatic team of Hawker Furies, "The Red Dragons".
April 15, 1952: Flying Instructor's School (FIS) established.
April 15, 1953: Indian Air Act of 1932 replaced by PAF Act 1953.
April 15, 1959: PAF Printing Press established at Mauripur.

April 16, 1974: Air Marshal Zulfiqar Ali Khan becomes the first graduate of PAF Academy, Risalpur to take over as Chief of the Air Staff.
April 16, 1987: PAF F-16 shoots down an intruding Afghan Su-22 near Tull area.

April 18, 2001: The F-6 crashed in the suburbs of the provincial capital near Samungli airbase on Friday. However, the pilot ejected safely. The plane was on its routine exercise and while landing it met the disaster.

April 19, 1963: Warrant Officer Jansher Khan becomes the World Junior Squash Champion.

April 20, 2002: Last crash of the F-6 in PAF service.

April 22, 1992: The student pilot bailed out of the trainer which crashed killing two on ground.

April 24, 1992: The plane crashed after engine failure, killing two people on the ground while injuring 12 more. The pilot ejected safely.
April 24, 2003: Crash Mi-17I S.No. 58614

April 26, 1974: PAF Pilot downs an Israeli Mirage - Syria: This is an encounter over Golan Heights between a Mig-21 of the Syrian Air Force and two Israeli Mirages. A Mirage is seen disintegrating after being hit by a missile while the Mig-21, flown by Flight Lieutenant Sattar Alvi, PAF, prepares to engage the second Mirage. An added feature of this engagement was that the Air Defence Controller, Sqn Ldr Saleem Metla was also a Pakistani. While leading a Mig-21 patrol along the border, Sqn Ldr Arif Manzoor, also of the PAF was apprised of the presence of two Israeli Phantom aircraft and was cautioned that these could be decoys while two other fast tracks approaching from the opposite direction might be the real threat. The latter turned out to be Mirages and a moment later Alvi, in Arif’s formation saw the No 2 Mirage breaking towards him. All this time, heavy radio jamming by Israeli ground stations was making things difficult but the Pakistani pilots had become used to such tactics. Sattar forced the Israeli pair into close combat, firing his K-13 missile at the first opportunity. The Israeli wingman’s Mirage exploded into a ball of fire, while the leader quickly disengaged.
April 26, 1994: Crashed after injecting a Falcon on approach Sargodha Air Base. The pilot and two people on the ground were killed as a result.
April 26, 2001: The Mirage 5F, S no. no. 752, crashed in Bhakwal village of Khore area of Attock district. The aircraft took its flight from Minhas Base and fell after a short while of its take off. Squadron Leader Ihtesham was able to eject safely.

April 28, 1975: Chinese FT-5 (modified Mig-15) trainer aircraft inducted.

April 29, 1987: An F-16A fell victim to a missile fired by its leader during an engagement with 6 Mig-23s of Afghan Air Force.

April 30, 1984: Independent Electronics Branch (IEB) established.
April 30, 1993: PAF accepts first F-16 from Peace Gate IV order, but the aircraft are embargoed.

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