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Air Commodore Syed Mansoor Shah participated as a Flying Officer in Kashmir Operations of 1948.
Air Commodore Mukhtar Ahmad Dogar first recipient of Sitara-i-Jurat for Heroic action in Kashmir Operations of 1948.
Dakota aircraft was extensively used for supply drops during Kashmir Operations of 1948.
Handley Page Halifax bombers were acquired by the PAF soon, after Independence. Halifax was extensively engaged in a supply dropping mission in support of combat troops during the first Kashmir War in 1948.
Flight Lieutenant M. Yunus who shot down IAF Canberra on April 10, 1959. PAF's No. 15 Squadron "Cobras" draw first blood. This incident of air violation is historically significant as it was PAF's first success against the IAF.
On April 10, 1959, Flight Lieutenant M. Yunus shot down an Indian Canberra on spy mission near Rawalpindi. The IAF pilots Sqn. Ldr. J.C. Sen Gupta (pilot) and Flt. Lt. S.N. Rampal (navigator) from the IAF's No. 106 Sqn., ejected and were taken into custody.
Indian Air Force Canberra on spy mission flying over Pakistan's territory and taking photos of what they would like to be their targets. IAF Canberra was flying at a height of more than 50,000 feet.
The first PAF jet fighter to shoot down an enemy aircraft was F-86F (serial# 55-005) of No. 15 Squadron. Flight Lieutenant M Younis downed an Indian Air Force Canberra while it was on a photo reconnaissance mission high over the Rawalpindi area on April 10, 1959, an Eid day.
Flight Lieutenant M. Yunus grabbed this opportunity and fired a burst from his 12.7 mm guns that struck the Canberra at an altitude of 47,500 feet and brought it down over Rawat, near Rawalpindi. Pilot Officer Rab Nawaz was the Air Defence Controller on radar for this mission.
PAF F-16 No. 11 Squadron 'Arrows' at Skardu Airfield during Operation Sentinel 2002.
PAF F-16 No. 11 Squadron 'Arrows' at Skardu Airfield during Operation Sentinel 2002.
F-16 Fighting Falcon from No. 11 Squadron 'Arrows' at Pakistan's highest airfield Skardu during Operation Sentinel 2002.
A trooper displays the remains of a AIM-9L Sidewinder Air-to-Air Missile (AAM). [Picture courtesy: Corbis]
PAF service only F-16s are known to carry the AIM-9L, while other aircraft such as F-7 and Mirage-IIIs are armed with the lesser capability AIM-9P. [Picture courtesy: Associated Press]
Remains of the AIM-9L seeker that is suspected to have downd the UAV.
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