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Hawker Sea Fury was a British fighter aircraft developed by Hawker during the Second World War.
PAF Hawker Sea Fury training aircraft at Risalpur Air Base in 1948. [Picture courtesy: Zaindy87]
In the early 1950s, the Hawker Fury was the frontline fighter of the Pakistan Air Force. [Picture courtesy: Hassan Riaz]
In the early 1950s the RPAF purchased 92 Furies together with 5 two-seat Fury T-61 Trainers, which equipped three squadrons, Nos. 5, 9, and 14 to replace the ageing Tempest II. Fury remained in service with the PAF from 1949 to 1960. [Picture courtesy: Hassan Riaz]
The first formation aerobatics team, formed by No. 9 Squadron on its Furies, was called 'The Red Dragons'. The occasion was the farewell ceremonies for the PAF's outgoing C-in-C, Air Vice-Marshal R L R Atcherely. [Picture courtesy: Hassan Riaz]
Hawker Fury 60 incorporated the same high speed wing design which was specifically developed for the Tempest to delay the onset of compressibility effects first encountered with the Tornado and Typhoon. [Picture courtesy: Hassan Riaz]
As if to compensate for the bitter experience on the outgoing Tempests, the RPAF was rewarded, in 1950, by the arrival of its replacement, the Fury 60, undoubtedly the best piston-engined fighter-bomber of its time. [Picture courtesy: Hassan Riaz]
Fury 60 operational capability was not greatly superior to that of the Tempest, there was a world of difference in handling characteristics and engine reliability. [Picture courtesy: Hassan Riaz]
Furies served the RPAF faithfully for eight years during which they were used extensively for watch and ward operations from Miranshah and Kohat. After its frontline duties, the last Furies were withdrawn from service in 1963. [Picture courtesy: Hassan Riaz]
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