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After the 1955 US-Pakistan agreement, the PAF received 24 Martin B-57s and two B-57Cs which formed two squadrons, Nos 7 and 8, of No. 31 Bomber Wing. Later, the PAF also received two modified Martin RB-57F high altitude reconnaissance aircraft.
PAF No. 24th Elint squadron operated the RB-57Fs along with two RB-57Bs for electronic counter & support measures missions and photographic surveillance missions against IAF during and after the war of 1965.
B-57B was a tandem two-seat night intruder and a tactical bomber. Its crew consisted of a pilot and a navigator-cum-bombardier. The training version B-57C had an additional set of flight controls in the navigators cockpit for the instructor.
PAF B-57s starts up. PAF B-57 Bombers force began its maiden flight joining Air Force inventory since November 27, 1959.
The first-ever formation aerobatics on bombers were performed at Peshawar on October 27, 1964. Four B-57 were led by Wing Commander Nazir Latif with Squadron Leader Altaf Sheikh and Flight Lieutenants Basit and Shams as team members. [Read also: Aerobatic Bombers]
PAF B-57 flying over Arabian sea. B-57 was inducted in PAF in 1960. It was a great success in the 1965 and 1971 wars because of its deep pemetration capability.
PAF B-57 formation flying over Karachi.
B-57s and F-104s lined-up at PAF Masroor Air Base.
PAF B-57 photographed near Karachi coast. [Picture courtesy: Peter Steinemann]
PAF B-57 in formation with an A-5, Two Mirages, and RT-33. [Picture courtesy: Air Cdre (Retd) Kaiser Tufail]
PAF B-57 line-up from No. 31 Wing. [Picture courtesy: Air Cdre (Retd) Rais A Rafi]
PAF B-57 lands after a training sortie. PAF B-57s pilots prefer to fly hardly above 200-500 feet in order to avoid enemy radar detection during wars of 1965 and 1971. [Picture courtesy: Air Cdre (Retd) Rais A Rafi]
During 1965 war, Three B-57s of the No 31st Bomber Wing were lost in action but out of these, only one due to enemy action. One RB-57B electronics intelligence aircraft of No 24th Elint was lost due to friendly ack ack fire. [Picture courtesy: Air Cdre (Retd) Rais A Rafi]
Squadron Leader Najeeb Khan, OC No. 7 Squadron during the 1965 war walks away from his B-57 after a sortie. He was leading a flight of two B-57 bombers to Ambala on the night of 18th September, one of the heavily defended air base of the Indian Air Force. [Picture courtesy: Air Cdre (Retd) Rais A Rafi]
PAF B-57 at Masroor Air Base. [Picture courtesy: Abbas Ali]
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