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A-5C Fantan Pictures album
Orthographically projected diagram of A-5III Fantan. A-5C Fantan is export designation of the Chinese designed J-5 (Attack aircraft 5), which is a twin-jet attack aircraft, derived from J-6/Mig-19 earlier produced in the People's Republic of China.
The first six A-5s were delivered to the PAF's No. 16 'Panthers' Squadron on February 12, 1983. Here Air Chief Marshal Anwar Shamim, Chief of the Air Staff, PAF, gets the chance to have a look at an A-5 on the day it was delivered. [Picture courtesy: Directorate of Media Affair, PAF] [Read also: PAF No. 16 Squadron History: 1948-1988]
On February 12, 1983, the PAF took delivery of the first of some 60 A-5Cs. One of the aircraft is seen here being inspected by Air Chief Marshal Anwar Shamim, Chief of the Air Staff, PAF. Their arrival was overshadowed by the delivery of the first F-16s four days later. [Picture courtesy: Directorate of Media Affair, PAF]
The first batch of A-5s landed at Rafiqui on February 12, 1983. Wing Commander Hamid Saeed Khan was placed in command of the No. 16 'Panthers' Squadron which was given a Tactical Attack role. The re-equipment ceremony took place on March 21, 1983 with General Mohammad lqbal, Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee, as the guest of honour. [Picture courtesy: Hassan Riaz]
Since 1982-83, the 36th (Tactical Attack) Wing at Peshawar has been home to the PAF A-5III, with both No. 16 'Panthers' (Tactical Attack) Squadron and No. 26 'Black Spiders' (Tactical Attack) Squadron flying the type alongside the two-seat FT-6. [Picture courtesy: Hassan Riaz]
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