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PAF s' Attrition
PAF s' Attrition: 1996 - 2000
Feb 06, 1996 Fighter Attock 1 Survived Aircraft while on a routine training mission crashed near Manser Camp in district Attock in Nnorthwestern Pakistan. The pilot ejected safely.
May 08, 1996 Fighter Isa Khel 1 Killed, 1 Survived Pilot was martyred as a fighter aircraft crashed on a routine training mission, the other pilot managed to eject safely when the aircraft crashed near Isa Khel, about 190 kilometers South-West of Islamabad.
Aug 13, 1996 F-6 Quetta 3 Killed, 12 Injured F-6 crashed in a camp in the outskirts of Quetta. The pilot ejected but was seriously injured. Three people on ground died while another 11 were injured. The pilot had tried to steer the aircraft to the airbase after it developed a technical fault during a routine training flight, but the jet plunged to the ground in village Paindabad, located in the city's outskirts.
Aug 27, 1996 F-6 Quetta 2 Killed, 13 Injured F-6 crashed into Paind Khan village near Samungli Air Base. The pilot sustained only superficial injuries. Three villagers were killed and 13 injured on the ground.
Sep 15, 1996 Fighter Balochistan 1 Survived Aircraft crashed while Pilot ejected safely. The plane was on a routine training flight.
Jan 20, 1997 Fighter Chakwal 1 Injured Aircraft crashed near Chakwal, about 80 km South of the Islamabad. The pilot Flying Officer Syed Ahmar Tamkeen received fatal injuries.
Feb 14, 1997 Fighter - 1 Survived Aircraft crashed after a bird strike. The pilot ejected safely.
Oct 03, 1997 F-7P Lahore 1 Injured F-7P crashed near Lahore due to a bird strike injuring a farmer on the ground.
Nov 21, 1997 F-6 Quetta 1 Killed F-6 crashed near Saranan, about 30 km (18.5 miles) South of Quetta in Baluchistan province while on a routine flight with two other aircraft. The pilot, Flt. Lt. Zarrar Rahman Niazi, ejected but was killed when his parachute failed to open.
Dec 13, 1997 Mirage Karachi 1 Killed Mirage crashed during a routine training flight near the Southern city of Karachi. The aircraft caught fire and crashed near the runway while landing at Masroor Air Base. Pilot Flt. Lt. Rashid Khan died soon after of his injuries.
Jul 30, 1998 F-7P Masroor 6 Killed Technical malfunction, aircraft took off from Masroor Air Base.
Sep 10, 1998 2 x C-130B - 5 Killed Two C-130Bs serial no. 23491 & 24143 of No. 6 Squadron Collided with another parked C-130B after brake failure due to a fire resulting in loss of control. Those killed were Sqn. Ldr. Nadeem Qasim (Pilot), Flt. Lt. Amir Rana (Co-pilot), Sqn. Ldr. Sohail (who succumbed to his burns in the military hospital), Flg. Off. Bilal, and Warrant Officer Khalid.
May 05, 1999 Fighter Mianwali 2 Survived Aircraft crashed in Punjab province and the two crew members ejected safely. The plane, which was on a routine training mission, crashed near Mianwali Air Base, about 200 kilometers South-West of Islamabad.
Aug 10, 1999 PN Atlantic Karachi 17 Killed Pakistan Navy ASW Atlantic c/n 33 of the 29 Sqn. was cowerdly shot down by two Indian Mig-21s that violated into Pakistani airspace and left after firing an air-to-air missile at the propellor driven aircraft. The Atlantic had taken off from PNS Mehran at 9:15am and was on-bound to Karachi for a 4 hour flight to Karachi when at 10:55am ground control lost all contact with the plane. The wreckage was later found some two miles inside the Pakistani border. The crew included the following personnel. Lt. Comdr. Mehboob, Comdr. Farasat of DHA Karachi, Lt. Rizwan Masood, Lt. Azhar, Lt. Zarrar, sailor Mohammed Tariq, sailor Nawazish, sailor Mohammed Hussain, sailor Mohammed Sarwar, sailor Aftab Ahmed, sailor Mohammed Riaz, sailor Wahid Iqbal, sailor Mohammad Yasin, sailor Mohammad Hafeez, sailor S. Mehmood and sailor M. N. Masood.
Oct 26, 1999 Mirage-IIIE Karachi - Mirage-IIIE aircraft was on a routine flight when it crashed North of its base near Karachi. The pilot ejected safely.
Apr 05, 2000 F-7P Pindi Gheb 1 Survived F-7P while on a routine training mission crashed 16 km from Pindi Gheb. The pilot ejected safely.
Apr 07, 2000 A-5C Peshawar 1 Killed A-5C crashed due to technical malfunction during routine training. Flt. Lt. Zia-ul-Hasan received fatal injuries. Aircraft took off from Peshawar Air Base.
Jun 05, 2000 Mirage Masroor 1 Survived Mirage took off from Masroor Air Base, Karachi on a routine mission.
Jul 05, 2000 Mirage-5 Masroor 1 Survived Mirage-5 crashed 40 miles North of Masroor Air Base. The pilot ejected safely.
Jul 20, 2000 F-7 D. I. Khan 1 Survived F-7 was on a routine flight from Hyderabad to Mianwali when it developed some technical fault and made crash-landing.
Nov 10, 2000 Mirage-5EF France - Mirage-5EF being upgraded in France crashed during a test flight.
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