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PAF s' Attrition
PAF s' Attrition: 1986 - 1990
Dec 18, 1986 F-16B - - Aircraft serial no. 85609
Mar 23, 1987 Mirage Rawalpindi 1 Killed Mirage jet crashed due to a bird strike just 50 seconds before it was to dip in salute to President Mohammad Zia ul-Haq at the National Day military parade in Rawalpindi. Zimbabwe's Prime Minister Robert Mugabe was the guest of honor at the parade, which also drew Pakistan's top civilian, military and diplomatic officials. Pilot Mohammad Saeed Iqbal was killed.
Apr 29, 1987 F-16A Miranshah 1 Survived F-16A fell victim to a missile fired by its leader during an engagement with 6 Mig-23s of Afghan Air Force.
Jun 03, 1987 F-16A Sargodha 1 Survived F-16A hit a wild boar on the runway during takeoff from Sargodha AB. The plane's nose wheel was knocked off after hitting a wild boar. The plane skidded along the runway, and caught fire.
Jan 12, 1988 MFI-17 Mushshak Faisal AB 2 Killed -
Jul 07, 1988 Mirage-3DP Masroor 15 Killed, 25 Injured Mirage trainer crashed into a factory after an in-flight fire killing both pilots and 13 others on ground while injuring 25 others.
Aug 17, 1988 C-130 Bhawalpur 37 Killed C-130 carrying the then Cheif Eecutive of Pakistan Zia-ul-Haq and other generals and diplomats exploded mid-air shortly after take-off. The incident was never fully explained and possible sabotage is believed to have caused the crash.
Sep 23, 1988 A-5C Pindi Gheb - Aircraft crashed during a routine flight near Pindi Gheb in Attok District, 90km South-West of Islamabad.
Mar 05, 1990 SA-315B Dhamyail AB 4 Killed Engine Fire.
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