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FT-5 (Mig-17)

The Chinese-built FT-5 is the export designation of the JJ-5, two-seat advanced training version of the J-5 (Chinese built Mig-17) which itself is a variant of the Soviet Mig-17 fighter.

In essence, the aircraft combines the tandem cockpits and forward fuselge of the U-Mig-15 with the rest of the airframe of Mig-17, though retaining the latter's lipped intake; the small radome caters for the provision of a radar-ranging gunsight in the front cockpit. A single 23mm gun is carried in a removable belly pack.

The FT-5 is the standard advanced trainer of the Chinese PLA Air Force, to which student pilots graduate after basic training.

Pakistan was the first country to acquire some FT-5s in 1975; other known recipients include Sudan, Bangladesh and Tanzania.

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