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PAF s' Aerobatics Profile
Thunder and Lightning
"Then came 4 F-6s for a demonstration of their armament. Flight Lieutenant Jilani leading, against the tanks, No. 2 against dummy aircraft, No. 3 against the same tanks and No. 4 against another dummy aircraft. Two attacks; the heavy stutter of 30mm cannon and the flashes of H E ammunition exploding on the targets. Dust, flames and smoke, pieces of dummy aircraft scattering; pulling up on top, the sleek form of the F-6 accentuated by its highly swept wings. The pace of the demonstration was being well maintained and everyone was hitting his target in the first attempt.

"Four Sabres appeared next to fire salvos of eight 5-inch rockets each at tanks. Squadron Leader S M Ahmed, leading fires his salvo; one can see his rockets quite clearly as they are large in size. A bigger bang as one of the tanks receive a direct hit. No 3 also connects; rockets of the others land very close. Looks like they were firing into the centre of the smoke which enveloped the targets.

"The tempo of the fire power was rising as the F-6s came in for their last armament item. Squadron Leader Randhawa, leading the 4 aircraft, fired a salvo of 32 x 58mm rockets at a dummy radar installation. These rockets are the smallest in PAF inventory and are really meant for air to air use. In spite of their limited effectiveness against ground targets, however, the leader's aim was so good that nothing was left of the targets for the others to shoot at. Consequently, they fired into the dust and smoke. Wing Commander Jamal A
Khan closed the F-6 participation with a graceful solo aerobatic demonstration. The performance of the newest fighter aircraft in the PAF inventory was seen to good effect. Of special interest was its excellent maneuverability as evidenced by a very tight loop and an 8-G steep turn; finally, the aircraft disappeared out of sight doing several vertical rolls.

"Napalm raises a special awe in most peoples minds. Four Sabres in close finger four formation were to release 8 napalm bombs simultaneously while individually sighting on their respective targets. Led by Wing Commander M Arshad they approached from the right at about 35 feet above ground In full view of the spectators and right in front 8 napalms tumbled down and produced a large and wide swath of flame which enveloped all the targets. Since the targets were quite close, almost everyone felt the heat flash.

"The very last of the aircraft armament items was dive bombing by 4 B-57s using four 750-lb bombs each. The formation was led by Air Commodore Masroor Hosain. The target consisting of dummy fuel installations was further away than the other owing to the safety distance requirements. As the B-57s reached the release point in their respective dives the four bombs could be clearly seen leaving each aircraft and heading for the target. Accuracy was quite good and two of the bombers hit the target which collapsed amidst the mushroom
explosions of the bombs.

"Now for some army-air co-operation. Two C-130 aircraft dropped paratroopers just short of the charred remains of the mock targets. The infantrymen were soon in action with their light weapons. Machine guns, mortars, bazookas and stens opened up with impressive fire power; the scene resembled a real battle-ground. Targets left shattered and smoking by aircraft were now the object of paratroop attention. After the tanks which were real ones, had been hit once again, several flares signalled the end of this demonstration for the final event of the show.

"Mauripur's team of F-86s called the 'Red Sabres' consisted of 5 aircraft painted red. Their routine comprised the standard range of aerobatics as well as many formation changes. The team, led by Wing Commander Wiqar Azim with Squadron Leader Shabbir, and Flight Lieutenants Akbar, Farooq F and Cecil Chaudhry as team members, flew in a graceful and immaculate manner. In the end all five of them approached the spectator stands headon at low level and performed a level 'bomb burst'. The spectators expected a grand finale to such a thrilling demonstration. The 'Red Sabres' provided just that".
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