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PAF s' Aerobatics Profile
An Expensive Proposition
During the years following this display, the PAF was faced with a succession of problems or preoccupations such as the countrywide political tension throughout 1970, the civil war of 1971 culminating in the loss of nearly a third of the PAF's technical manpower, and the subsequent years it took to recover those losses. Besides, the cost of staging large scale demonstrations escalated manifold and pure financial stringency precluded the investment of funds in such luxury undertakings.

Since then, therefore, such displays have been held from time to time on a small scale locally at one base or another, mostly at Sargodha, Quetta and Risalpur. These demonstrations have mainly been staged for the professional benefit of visiting military personages from abroad such as chiefs of air forces or armies or staff college students. Such displays can usually be staged without much disruption of training activity or incurring any significant expense.

For this purpose, the additions in recent years to the gallery of aerobatic teams have been F-6 foursome at Sargodha and a T-37 team at Risalpur named 'Sherdils'. While the F-6 team (called the "Rattlers" and now no longer in existence) performed primarily for the professionals at Sargodha, the 'Sherdils', since the late 1970s have provided much wider coverage by performing at all Risalpur graduation parades, the Rawalpindi Pakistan Day Parades and at different bases each year on Pakistan Air Force Day, the 7th of September.
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