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PAF s' Aerobatics Profile
Aerobatic Bombers
The next major air display was held up north at Peshawar on 27 October 1964 at which Air Marshal Omar Dani, C-in-C of the Indonesian Air Force, was the chief guest. Amongst the various items on the programme were two 'firsts' which deserve special mention. One was a 'first in the world' demonstration of formation aerobatics on medium bombers. The 4 B-57 were led by Wing Commander Nazir Latif with Squadron Leader Altaf Sheikh and Flight Lieutenants Basit and Shams as team members. They executed loops, rolls and wing overs, the first two maneuvers being unheard of in such a heavy and sluggish aircraft as the B-57, which even singly was not really meant to perform aerobatics. Their precise station keeping throughout the demonstration effectively concealed the intense concentration, physical exertion and tenacity that was required of all the team members.

The other special event was a 'first in the PAF' full aerobatic demonstration by a nine-man team. Unlike the 16 F-86s in the 1958 display which only performed a loop, this 9 Sabres formation, led by Wing Commander M A Shamim, executed a complete sequence of aerobatics including loops, rolls, wing overs and rolls-off-the-top, maintaining impeccable diamond formation throughout. An additional feature of their demonstration, which was also for the first time in the PAF, was the use of smoke trails which added to the spectacular effect of their final downward bomb-burst.

By this time, the central government had settled in at Islamabad and the venue of the 23rd March ceremonials had also shifted north. In the early 1960s, the annual parade was held at least once at Peshawar at the polo ground, and one other time at the Fortress stadium in Lahore. From 1964 onwards however, the race course at Rawalpindi became the permanent site, as it is to this day. And it was here that, in 1965, the PAF staged its biggest fly past.
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