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The Glorious Seventeen Days September 1965 War

September 7, 1965

It was a day of supreme trial for the PAF. Vastly superior in number, the IAF put into action all that it had to knock the PAF out of the air with one massive blow, and then enjoy the fruits of air supremacy. The Indian Air Force kept up relentless pressure throughout the day; it could afford this pressure because it had a big fleet and could take losses. The PAF had only one option - to ruthlessly crush the enemy - a question of now or never. The PAF operations began at 0458 hours, and two F-86s got airborne from Sargodha to provide a CAP over general area Rahwali; two minutes later, one F-104 also got airborne for CAP. A low level track was picked up by the Sakesar at 0528 hours but it faded soon afterwards; firection or height could not be determined. The CAP aircraft over Rahwali could establish no contact with the enemy. It was assessed that the enemy raids might be directed towards Sakesar, therefore the F-104 headed for Sakesar. At 0538 hours Sargodha was reported under attack by six Mysteres. The F-104 had already been positioned in the general area of Sargodha; it made visual contact as the enemy were exiting from the attack at low level, and piloted by Flt. Lt. Amjad, it attacked two Mysteres and destroyed them. As there were many aircraft in the area, the pilot decided to keep up his speed, and while he was attacking the second Mystere, the enemy aircraft blew up in the front of him. The pilot flew through debris of the exploded Mystere and damaged the stabilizer of his own aircraft; he ejected from 300 afetr having lost control of his aircraft. Two other enemy aircraft were shot down by anti-aircraft guns at Sargodha while exiting after their attack.

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