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The Glorious Seventeen Days September 1965 War

September 4, 1965

Fourteen F-104 and 23 F-86 sorties were flown as CAP; F-86s flying in formations of four. Two enemy tracks were reported, one at 0926 and other at 1513 hours. At 1430 hours, three formations of four aircraft each had flown a close support mission in the Akhnoor area, and as the last formation was delivering its first attack, S.O.C. called on guard to announce that there were three MIGs in the area. The formation completed its attack and immediately set course for the base at low level. On their return, when they were close to Marala Headworks, leader saw a formation of Hunters crossing their path. But the enemy was not in a position to carry out an attack, and no action was taken. Another formation of MIGs was reported at 7 o'clock. Leader ordered a break to the left, but changed his mind as he considered the situation safe enough. His formation was well formed except that his No. 2 was lagging 2000 behind. Flying Officer Nasir Mahmud Butt was hit by ground fire from own troops which disabled his aircraft and he ejected. Another group of four Hunters and two MIGs was observed by this formation but they were not reported by MOUs or S.O.C., and the announcement about their presence in the area was probably made as result of enemy radio intercept by the S.O.C.

A special feature of operation during the day was a planned mission of four F-86s and two F-104, but the enemy did not take the bait.

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