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The Glorious Seventeen Days September 1965 War

September 2, 1965

Thirty six F-86 and five F-104 were flown for CAP missions in the Jhelum-Muzaffarabad area, with F-86s flown in pairs except one formation of foursome. One enemy aircraft was reported at 0850 hours by our MOUs, and immediately two F-86s were diverted to engage it. The F-86 went low over the area but no contact was established. At 1040 hours No. 230 Radar Squadron reported one enemy aircraft heading south of Srinagar. A pair of F-86 was diverted to cover the approach to the battle area but the track faded away after two and a half minutes; the track assignment was called off and CAP duties were resumed. No. 230 Radar Squadron reported another track of two enemy aircraft over the battle area at 1055 hours. A pair of F-86s on CAP, and one aircraft on local flying were directed to the battle area. The enemy track was 8000 and our aircraft were told to descend to establish contact, but at 1103 hours the track faded away, and no visual contact could be established; our fighters were then withdrawn from the area.




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